Mission and Objective

Our Mission is to provide world class education in Bikaner.

Service Before Self
The motto of our school is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into the making of a noble institution, with a noble mission. It is a constant reminder that the school spirit always accords greater priority to the welfare of others over welfare of the self. Service towards an enlightened path has always been the bedrock of out school philosophy; a philosophy that reflects a commitment to serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. School contribute its bit through sincere efforts to prepare the young pupils to become ideal citizens and hope of the nation.

Across everything it touches, the school sets the highest standards.

Creativity & Rigour
The ability to realize your fullest potential by applying the knowledge you acquire to the knowledge you experience in life.

Instill a foundation of honesty, ethics and fair-dealing amongst global citizens.

Envision the ever-evolving future and encouraging new ideas to move forward.

SJPS is committed to traditional Indian values and culture for children to keep a connect with their identity and recognise the need for a global perspective of life.

Explorer new horizones with us